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As a Wedding Solemniser this October Bank holiday weekend was to be very busy as I was to officiate at the wedding of not one but two very special couples. I had been working with them over the past few months in creating their bespoke ceremonies. So imagine my horror on Thursday morning when I learned that a family member had been called for a Covid test !!!! Although not a close contact myself, havingsought medical advice, I decided I could not put my brides, grooms and their families at risk.

This is when our network of “A Ceremony 4 You” kicked in. We are four colleagues and I’m delighted to say, close friends who work independently performing ceremonies for all of life’s occasions and support each other in our work. So before contacting my couples, I called Brenda, Janet and Denise who were only too happy to take my place, as I would have done for them, if the roles were reversed. This was a perfect example of how our friendship and professional work ethic provides all of our couples with not just an excellent service but the added bonus of piece of mind that even when life throws the dreaded curve ball we are there to catch it.

Personally it was with a heavy heart that I made the call to both my brides and grooms as I was disappointed not to be there with them on their big day, but thanks to my colleagues I had been in a position to ensure that they and their ceremony were in safe hands. Needless to say they were delighted that everything would go ahead as planned on their big day.

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