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When it comes to planning a wedding, couples are faced with a huge “to do” list, definitely not for the faint hearted. And alongside the endless list of choices and decisions to be made there is also the cost factor !

So when it comes to choosing a Solemniser /Celebrant there can be a misconception that we get paid a lot of money for what seems like 20 minutes!”

We would like to put that thought to bed.

We have invested a huge amount of time, money and effort into our craft. Celebrant training, CPD, workshops, books, courses, materials… and not just as one-off events. We are continuously growing and developing our skills and style. That is not to mention laptops, websites, social media, insurance, car maintenance, mileage…..

.... And when a couple does book a ceremony with A Ceremony 4 You, they don’t just get 30 minutes. They get meetings, telephone calls, face to face meetings. They get to sit with us and plan their ceremony from complete scratch. Not a template, not a hastily put together generic ceremony that could apply to anyone but a bespoke ceremony that is shaped around you and your partner. They get us planning and preparing for weeks and months before their ceremony. They get drafts and re-drafts until we get it right. They get unity candles, sand or handfasting ceremonies and other ceremony enhancements. They get the benefit of our collective 20 years of experience creating Ceremonies and access to resources that we have built up over the years. They get a ceremony that looks effortless but has taken years of honing our skills, and hours of our time to get right. And at the end they get their guests saying, “A Ceremony 4 You created such a beautiful Ceremony .”

So if you are planning on booking a Solemniser / Celebrant, please don’t just think, “You charge how much????” Instead, engage with us, talk to us about your ceremony, find out more about us and then we know you will say “Wow this is the Solemniser / Celebrant that I want to marry me as they have really invested in their craft” 😊


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Congratulations you are getting married.  What do you do next ?

Step 1. State Notice

For a legal marriage in Ireland, every couple must Register  *Your Intent To Marry with the HSE at least 3 months prior to your wedding date.

A fee of €200 is payable to the state registrar for “Notification of your intention to marry”. Full details of the registration process are available on the  *HSE Website.

Step 2. Book your Venue

In choosing your venue remember that for legal solemnising your venue must have an identifiable address and be open to the public. Your ceremony can be outdoors providing the venue meets this criteria.

So in short, you cannot get legally married in your parents back garden, your favourite park, beach or your granny’s beautiful big house !!!!  

Step 3. Book your Celebrant

A Ceremony held by an Interfaith Celebrant is the option for people of all faith paths or none who want to be legally married regardless as to their beliefs or orientation. Interfaith Ministers have been professionally trained in the creation of bespoke legal ceremony. Your ceremony is created with you ensuring that it reflects your beliefs and wishes. They can perform your ceremony at your location on any day of the year. Interfaith Celebrants are independent and you book them directly not centrally. 

A Humanist Celebrant creates a ceremony which is completely secular (ie 100% non‐religious, with no facility for inclusion of hymns, prayers or bible readings, mention of God or the afterlife). A humanist can marry you legally at your chosen location. Humanism is a religion in its own right.

Spiritual Celebrant creates a wedding ceremony in which couples invite those from the spirit world to be present with them to share their special day. Spiritualism is a religion in its own right and Spiritual beliefs include the relationship to a superior being and an existential perspective on life, death and the nature of reality. In Ireland Spiritual Celebrants are centrally allocated when you submit your request for a Spiritual Celebrant.

And then there are Independent Celebrants who preside over a ceremony but cannot legally marry you. They can perform a commitment ceremony only, in your chosen location on any day of the year.  In Ireland Celebrants are independent and you book them directly not centrally. 

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  • Writer's pictureBrenda O'Grady

More and more couples are choosing a wedding ceremony which is secular as they do not hold any firm religious beliefs. However, in some instances we have been asked if it is possible to include a hymn or a prayer that they know holds a special meaning for a parent, close family member or indeed themselves.

As Interfaith Celebrants we offer ceremony to people of all faiths or none. We do not impose our own personal beliefs onour couples. Their wishes are at the very heart of our ministry. Our aim is to guide and advise each couple in creating the ceremony that resonates with them in heart, mind and self.

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